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Subaru BRZ/ Toyota 86



Sportronic Racing - HIGH QUALITY -  Turbo Kits.

All our kits are Custom Hand Crafted with top quality materials and designed to last.

Kit Includes

* GT28 - Turbocharger.(BASE-Line kit comes with a generic GT28 turbo but in four year we have had no failures. PRO-Line comes with Precision 5130B turbo with Billet wheel.)

* Stainless Steel 304 Exhaust Manifold 4-into-1. Tig welded.  (Ceramic Coating at optional cost.)

* 63mm Stainless Steel 304 Down Pipe. Tig welded. (Ceramic Coating at optional cost.)

* BOV (Red, Silver, Black).

* 500mm x 210mm x 50mm Aluminium Intercooler.

* 76mm, 63mm, 50mm Silicone Piping.

* Braided Turbo Oil Feed Pipe with Anodised Aluminium Fittings and Banjo Bolt.

* 1 x 50mm Aluminium Powder Coated Intercooler Pipe.

* 1 x 60-76mm Aluminium Powder Coated Intercooler Pipe with BOV and MAF Sensor flange.

* Turbo Oil Drain Pipe and Fittings.

* 12 x Hose Clamps.

* Bolts and Nuts.

* 60mm Cone Air Filter and Piping.

*Some items are missing from picture.


Tuning is require after fitment. Base Maps for ECU are available for some models.

Gains of around 85kw on flywheel at 0,5 bar (7.4psi) boost on our Base-line kits.

Base-line kit produces around 195kw at the flywheel at 0.5bar boost.

Pro-line kit produces around 235kw at the flywheel at 0.6 bar (9.0 psi) boost on our Pro-line kits.


* South Africa - BASE-Line kit price R 44 900.00      Excludes shipping and fitment.


                          - TOP-Line kit price R 64 900.00        Excludes shipping and fitment.

* USA - BASE-Line kit price USD 3690.00      Excludes shipping and fitment.

            - TOP- Line kit price USD 4299.00       Excludes shipping and fitment.


* To build a Quality Turbo Kit that will fit like an OEM part and to look like its an original rectory fitment.

* Not to be Over-the-Top but something Reliable and Smooth for the every day driver, with good reliable power gains.

* Easy Fit kit. Designed to look like OEM Fitment. ( Our Technicians fit the Kit in a few Hours.)

   This is a straight bolt-on Kit that will work with Stock Internals up to around 400hp.

* Minor trimming is required for fitment. (Inquire for Uprated Kit and Forged Internals.)

* Professional fitment is recommended.

* Such modifications can be illegal in some countries and Sportronic Racing will not be held liable.



*WORLDWIDE Shipping. Please contact us for shipping rates. (EMS, DHL, FEDEX)



* PAYPAL or EFT only with confirmed PAYPAL addresses only.

* Items will only be shipped once payment is received.

* We reserve the rights to cancel any orders if payment is not made in 7 Days



CERAMIC COATING in Silver or Black.
Front Mount Intercooler 
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